Olivia Culpo’s 9 Hottest Swimsuit Pics that Prove She’s The Bikini Queen Of Summer

Summer is heating up thanks to lots of new bikini pics of Olivia Culpo, and we’re celebrating the bikini queen with some of her hottest swimsuit pics ever.

Olivia Culpo looks amazing, and that’s why we don’t blame her for showing off her amazing figure in bikinis all the time. The model often shares photos of herself rockin’ two piece swimsuits on social media, and she’s been heating up summer 2019 with her swimsuit pics. From sporty styles to super skimpy looks, Olivia has rocked a plethora of bikinis throughout her years in the public eye, and we’re officially dubbing her the Bikini Queen of Summer!

Whether she’s on vacation, taking part in a photo shoot, or just lounging around by the pool, Olivia has opportunities to wear her bikinis quite often. Plus, she travels a lot, so no matter the season at home, she’s usually somewhere where she can beat the heat in a bathing suit. Olivia manages to make even the plainest bikinis look good, and she often accessorizes with sunglasses, necklaces and earrings. We’ve even seen her wear heels with her swimsuits to amp things up for photo shoots.

Olivia has been photographed hitting the beach in Miami quite a few times. Below, you can see her in a red, high-waisted swimsuit, with her hair pulled back in a bun on the beach. For another shoot, she wore a white bikini with a tropical floral print, and looked so happy as she frolicked in the water.

There are more where these came from, though! Click through the gallery above to check out some of our favorite Olivia Culpo bikini pics ever — they’re great inspiration to get that summer bod in shape!

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