Olivia Culpo Will Never Date Anyone Who Does These Two Things

Olivia Culpo is getting real about what qualities she would never want a future boyfriend to have.

“Oh my god, bad breath is a pet peeve, but my ultimate pet peeve is snoring,” Culpo, 26, tells PEOPLE at the The Colgate Optic White Beauty Studio in N.Y.C. “That’s just a deal breaker. Just tell me before we even talk on the phone!”

Besides avoiding guys with stinky breath and snoring habits, the model also values taking care of your dental hygiene.

“A white smile is a beautiful smile,” Culpo says.

The star has made headlines recently when ex-boyfriend Danny Amendola, 33, slammed Culpo as “f—ed up” and blamed her very public “lifestyle” for their split, but she tells PEOPLE it was never her dream to live life in the public eye.

“I never really thought about it,” Culpo, who shot to fame when she was crowned Miss Universe at age 21, says. “I was passionate about so many things in entertainment. I started out in acting, then hosting and then modeling. It kind of turned more into entrepreneurship now. But I never really thought of it as being in the public eye.”

She adds: “I thought of it as pursuing a passion.”

Culpo admits social media like Instagram can be “so consuming” and “overwhelming” (which is where Amendola posted his since-deleted, explosive rant) and tried to avoid the negativity prevalent on the platform.

“I won’t look at any comments. I won’t read my messages. I’ll just decide I’m going to post, put up my work, and then take care of myself,” she says. “You just have to learn how to have thicker skin.”

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