Nurse shares her simple £3 Morrison’s shopping trick which has slashed her food bill with almost no effort

A SAVVY mum has managed to slash her shopping bill using a £3 trick from Morrisons, and it couldn’t be simpler to copy. 

Nurse Becky Stanworth started buying the supermarket’s ‘magic boxes’, which she then uses to plan meals for her family. 

The 29-year-old says she’s also able to cut down on waste by using the food boxes, which is filled with produce which is nearing its sell-by date and would be thrown away otherwise. 

The mum-of-one uses the Too Good To Go app to buy the boxes, which cost £3.09 each, adding it's brought some more variety to mealtimes as well.

Becky, who lives with her fiancé in Lancashire, told “We decided to try the Morrisons boxes as a way to try a different variety of foods that we normally wouldn’t buy. 

“It is also a way of using items that would usually be binned by the supermarkets.

"With today’s wasteful nature just one box bought is a step in the right direction.

"We aim to get a box the day before we do our ‘big shop’, that way we don’t double up on any items and don’t buy things we no longer need.

"We usually spend around £10 per week on fresh fruit and veg, so spending £3.09 on a box from Morrisons can easily half that.”

She praised the variety in the boxes, adding they vary in quality but the worst thing she’s ever found was a ‘slightly squishy strawberry’. 

Becky said: “Everything else is in amazing condition and will probably last several days.

"We were lucky enough to get a box the week before last. It had quite a few potatoes which are still going strong now.

“Overall, if we were to buy everything full price it would cost us significantly more. We use it as a way to save a little bit of money but we also love the variety.

"We get veg that we wouldn’t normally buy. We love incorporating those into our meals and trying something a little different at times.”

Becky shared her tips for meal prep and planning as well, stressing she hardly ever bins anything. 

The mum said: “We made our food last over lockdown by planning more and utilising anything left from the previous day's meals. Nothing was binned unnecessarily.

"My tips for going through food during lockdown would be to plan your meals. Know what you’re eating and stick to it where possible. Buy only what you will use as well.

"Boredom can often lead to eating just for something to do – I’m terrible for doing this.

“It’s very easy to get through more food that way. Now when I find myself raiding the cupboards I will often ask myself if I'm actually hungry or just eating for the sake of it.

"I would recommend looking in the reduced sections in supermarkets. Not everything will suit you but some things may.

"Last week I bought a large pack of mince in the reduced section. When I came home I split it into two. One half made a bolognese, the other a cottage pie.

"Both meals served two adults and a child plus several servings left over for freezing. I freeze into children’s sized portions for quick healthy homemade teas after school.

"My top tip would be to buy only what you need. Buying things just because they are in the shop doesn’t help anyone. Buy only what you will use and you need!”

Becky added she’s also more conscious of food waste due to the pandemic, as she slammed people who had to throw away what they stockpiled. 

She said: “Wasting less has been all the more important especially with Covid-19.

"Huge numbers of people were stockpiling food which was later shown in overflowing bins as it had gone well past the ‘eatable’ stage. 

“This just seems ridiculous to us. Every little helps and all that!”

Becky is sticking to her boxes, and reckons it’s going to save her a fortune in the long run. 

She wrote: "The scheme can save us money in the long run as we’re not buying full priced items.” 

Tom Church, co-founder of, comments: “Becky’s tips are enormously helpful to families who are trying to combat overspending at a financially stressful time.

“Only buy what you need, plan your meals meticulously and support food waste apps and you’ll not only help the planet – you’ll save money too!”

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