NOAH and Timex Call Attention to Marine Life Preservation With Waterbury Watch

NOAH and Timex have joined forces to call attention to the issue of pollution in waterways around the world. Featured is a Waterbury, one of Timex’s signature watch models, that comes with a blue strap and a graphic of a turtle. This follows a Todd Snyder x Timex collaboration seen back around the beginning of the month.

According to NOAH’s blog post, “scientists estimate 650,000 animals are severely injured or die annually due to ghost nets,” commercial fishing nets that get discarded at sea. Additionally, “up to 12 whales are entangled or injured due to ghost nets annually.” NOAH notes that turtles, fish, whales and sea birds are but a few marine animals that suffer from these nets. The collaborative Waterbury features a stainless steel case, Timex’s classic INDIGLO backlight, water-resistance of up to 50 meters and a special strap crafted from recycled fibers from manufacturer We aRe SpinDye. Both “TIMEX” and “NOAH” branding is seen on the face of the watch, wrapped around a graphic of a turtle holding a knife to complete the watch’s design.

NOAH and Timex’s Waterbury will be available on November 26 on NOAH’s website for $125 USD — 10 percent of proceeds will go to Ocean Defenders, “volunteer boat and dive crews that remove derelict fishing nets, traps, lines, plastic, and other man-made debris threatening ocean wildlife and habitats.”

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