My grandma made a dress for my aunt's wedding – I was fat-shamed for wanting to try it on, so I destroyed it

A BRIDE got the worst possible wedding present from her teenage niece — she destroyed her special dress. 

The teenager’s father revealed the heartbreaking reason why his daughter, named C in the story, cut up the dress. 

It all began when the father was visiting his sister, who he calls Sis in his post on Reddit, with his daughter.

Sis previously had her dream wedding dress given to her by her grandmother who had since passed away. 

While the whole family was upset by the matriarch's death, they felt fortunate to have her presence at the upcoming nuptials via the dress. 

During their visit, C asked Sis if she could try on her wedding dress, but Sis “politely said no.” 

The father admitted that C wears a larger clothing size than Sis, so she likely wouldn't fit into the dress. 

All was fine and dandy until the father and Sis left the house to grab food while C stayed home and played with Sis’ dog.

Understandably, the two were absolutely dumbfounded when they returned to see Sis’ wedding dress torn apart on the floor. 

When they questioned C, she said she had tried on the dress, but couldn’t get it off and resorted to cutting herself out of it. 

This was, of course, a gut-wrenching sight for the bride – but what she found out later was how much work her grandmother put into making the one-of-a-kind dress.

“Gma had hand-sewed most of the dress, used super expensive fabric, and put almost 500 hours in making that dress since it was the only family wedding we'd have.

“In total, the dress cost $12,000, give or take,” the father wrote. 

C was grounded for her actions, but the truth behind her anger surely made her parents more upset.

“Finally C cracked and said she was mad that Grandma wasn't alive to make her a dress, and that it was ‘unfair’ my sister got a free beautiful dress as a reminder when my daughter got ‘nothing,’ despite the many things she was given after the funeral,” C’s distressed dad wrote. 

As a punishment, C was forced to give her entire life savings – $15,000 – to her aunt. 

Over $12,000 of the money went toward a new dress, while the extra $3,000 was “an emotional distress tax” for the bride. 

C's mother originally told her father he “ruined her future” by making C give up her college savings, but once the ex saw the pictures of the dress, she didn’t argue with the punishment. 

In the father's defense, C’s money was saved as a "have fun at college" fund, as he and his ex planned to pay for C’s tuition. 

The father also revealed he signed his daughter up for therapy. 

As for Sis, the distress caused her to have a Crohn's disease flare-up, but she appreciated that the issue was being addressed. 

Of course, weddings are known to bring out the best – and unfortunately the worst – in people. 

A person previously shared with the internet that he shoved a cake into his mother’s face after she decided to wear her own wedding dress to his wedding. 

Another person admitted he left his fiancé at the altar when he found out she made his friends pay for an excruciatingly expensive cake. 

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