My friend convinced me to cheat on my husband – now my kids hate me, it’s all HER fault | The Sun

A SCOTS mum is divorcing her husband of 18 years and leaving her kids behind after her best pal convinced her to start an affair.

Lucy, 42, wed her childhood sweetheart and thought she had the picture perfect family after welcoming two children into the world.

After feeling like they’d lost their spark, her friend recommended she have a fling to get some excitement back into her life.

But it all went wrong after she fell for her secret lover and decided to ditch her hubby and leave her kids heartbroken.

The mum, from Edinburgh, says: “I think the thing is that we’re tight on money so haven’t been away or spent any quality time together for a really long time.

“We go out on walks but mostly the children take up all of our time. 

“And now I just don’t look at my husband anymore and think ‘I want to rip your clothes off, you know?’

“A couple of my friends have had affairs through the Illicit Encounters site and they really recommended it. 

“My best friend said it helped her let off steam and come to appreciate her husband more. 

“She kept saying to me that it’s just a harmless fling and no-one needs to know.

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“It didn’t help that another of our friends did the same thing and wouldn’t stop talking about it either, they both just said how exciting it was and how it gave them a new lust for life. 

“Then they started calling me boring for not considering it.

“Next thing you know my best friend grabbed my phone and set up an account for me without me even saying yes to it, and that was the start of it. 

“I didn’t set out wanting to cheat on my husband, it just happened by accident. 

“The same day I’d already got matches and I didn’t know what to do so I got my friend to reply to them. 

“I’m so out of practice the whole thing scared me and I felt so naughty and guilty.”

Lucy instantly gravitated towards her new partner as he’d been married a similar length of time and was going through relationship problems too.

After meeting for dinner on their first date, things started moving really quickly and they even pulled a sickie to go on a day trip together while their respective partners thought they were at work.

Following a close call where her husband almost spotted a picture she’d been sent by her lover, Lucy realised it was time to end her marriage.

But as they still live together, she has mixed emotions about starting a new life with the man she cheated with. 

She says: “I’ve told my husband that I want a divorce and my kids that I’m leaving. 

“It was the worst day of my life and I keep thinking about it over and over in my head and thinking of how I could have dealt with it differently,  overanalysing every last word and reaction. 

“I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to get the look of shock on their faces out my mind. 

“I’m worried if I’ve made the right decision as I can’t turn back now and they’re never going to forgive me. 

“We’re still all living in the same house while we work things out but they’ve barely spoken to me since I told them. 

“I’m desperate for them to forgive me. I hope they will grow up to understand why I followed my heart. 

“It's been absolute hell on earth all living under the same roof after dropping such a bombshell. 

“I feel like I can’t even get something out the fridge without their disappointed eyes on me. 

“But I have to remember why I am doing this. These last three months have shown me what I’ve been missing all these years.”

Lucy adds: “I’m kind of embarrassed it’s turned out this way compared to my friend’s affair, but then I’m excited for things to be out in the open and I can start a new life. 

“But I’m also angry at her for suggesting it and persuading me to go through with it because now I’ve got to go through all this pain. 

“If she hadn’t have made me do this I would still be with my husband and kids. 

“My boyfriend actually lives in England so I’m going to move in with him and away from it all, I’m going to leave my old life behind and start out on this new adventure.”

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