My fiancé's friend said something disrespectful so I uninvited him from our wedding – my groom thinks I'm overreacting

WHEN it comes to making a wedding guest list, most couples understandably only want people there who genuinely love them.

Bad energy from your guests can cause unnecessary drama and stress.

One woman said she disinvited her fiancé’s best friend, Jason, from their wedding because of a rude remark he made.

Posting to Reddit, the woman explained that Jason is the “brutally honest type” who “isn’t good at keeping his thoughts in his head.”

“My fiancé says he loves him despite his ‘flawed personality’ and expects me to let it go whenever he makes backhanded comments about me and my past as a former sex worker.”

When the couple made their guest list, Jason was the first to be invited and the fiancé promised his bride-to-be that he would “make Jason behave.”

“My fiancé and I found out that we're expecting. We visited my future in-laws’ house to make the announcement and Jason was already there.”

After eating, they shared the news.

“Everyone rushed to congratulate us except for Jason, who sat still and admittedly kept looking me in the eyes in a strange way.

“I avoided him but then he got up, hugged my fiancé then looked at him and said, ‘3 words man: paternity test pronto.’”

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The woman couldn’t believe what she just heard.

She said that although those around her tried to act normal to diffuse the situation, she couldn’t ignore it.

She walked up to Jason and asked him to repeat what he had just said.

“He tried to back off because my face was inches away from his. He was like, ‘Chill it was just a joke,’ but I kept asking him to repeat what he said over and over again.

“My fiancé got in the middle and told me to take a seat and calm down.

“I went off on Jason, called him an insensitive asshole, and said that he was officially uninvited from the wedding after he accused me of being unfaithful.”

That’s when Jason got even angrier, shouting at the woman and accusing her of being dramatic because he meant no harm by the comment.

“My fiancé and his mom agreed with me being upset but said that uninviting him from the wedding was me going too far.

“My fiancé said that Jason was just joking, and I blew up over nothing.”

After going home, the woman said she broke down in her bathroom without letting her fiancé see it, “because he still thought I was overreacting after I told him how I felt about his friend ruining my joy and humiliating me in front of my in-laws.”

Reddit users took to the woman’s defense:

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“First, Jason wasn't ‘telling it like it is.’ He was being friggin' insulting. You absolutely were within your rights to confront him and confront him hard. Accusing you of cheating? No. Not acceptable,” one wrote.

“I am struggling to get past how she even had the opportunity to confront him because her fiancé should’ve immediately done that confronting himself,” added another.

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