My fiancé is so much hotter than me trolls say our relationship is just ‘charity work’

A WOMAN has revealed how cruel trolls have taunted her online because her fiancé is 'more attractive' than her.

Hazel McBride, posted various videos on her TikTok account, hazelmcbrideauthor, showing how she has been subject to abuse purely based on her and her partner's looks.

The author revealed earlier this year how she and her long-term partner, Paul, met over four years ago.

The couple met on a night out, whilst Hazel was working in Teneriffe as a killer whale trainer and Paul had gone on a lads holiday.

When the holiday came to an end, the happy couple couldn't say goodbye and they did a long-distance relationship for four years before they both moved to Amsterdam to start their lives together.

Since their move to Amsterdam, Paul and Hazel have become engaged, are renovating their home, and starting their own family with their new dog, Whiskey.

Hazel shared images of her engagement photoshoot on TikTok and wrote: "When you get engaged to an extremely handsome man who makes you look like a 4/10 on a good day."

Whilst most users only had nice things to say about the couple in the comment section of this video, there were others who felt they had to get their opinions off their chest.

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In another video, one troll responded: "Are you high? He is literally doing charity work by being with her."

Hazel, who often calls out the trolls on her TikTok account did so again, she responded by making a video with a day-to-night transition.

But Hazel, instead of putting her best dress on, puts on her Christmas onesie, proving she doesn't have to try or look any sort of way for other people's validation.

Thankfully, the majority of people only had nice things to say, albeit, a lot of them do indeed fancy Hazel's fiancé.

One user wrote: "You’re not a 4. But I mean, someone would have to be an 11 to steal focus next to him. So… Good for you."

"There sure are a lot of people worried about how your man looks instead of trying to find one of their own." Wrote another user.

A third user exclaimed: "But like, you’re hot? Yeah, he’s chiseled from Zeus’s jaw bone, but definitely not a mismatched couple. Glad the distance is over."

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