My electric gardening trick can get you a better yield in your garden – all you need is copper wire from Home Depot | The Sun

A KEEN gardener has shared the results of her electric gardening trick.

She said it had given her better yields and all you need is copper wire from Home Depot.

This approach to crop growing, however, is not new – but it might be considered unusual.

Electro-culture is an agricultural method that uses electric currents to spur plant growth.

Ideas around the potential of electricity to boost plant yields have been around since the 18th century.

Up until recent years, it was regarded as an experimental way of conducting horticulture.

But it has picked up the currency as more gardeners give it a go and Allie Owells (@allieowells) was one of them.

“Jumping on the electro culture bandwagon," she said, holding aloft one of her self-crafted copper trees in her post.

"I put these small ones in my garden beds when I first planted everything [and] I really think they are helping.

“So I have made a few bigger ones made from coiled copper that I found at my local Home Depot," she said.

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Allie explained that Home Depot sold copper by the foot, costing between $2 and $3 per foot.

She showed viewers where she had placed her copper sculptures: “I’m just going to scatter them in my garden beds."

She embedded her copper trees in the soil rather like she would plants.

The effect was apparent too: “You’ll notice with my potatoes that the first little ones to sprout up and the biggest ones are right around this coiled copper wire."

Commenters were also thrilled by the results.

“I noticed yesterday that near our utility cable box in the yard, everything grows big and fast. Never realized before," said one fan.

At least one viewer was going to try it out: “This is awesome. I’m buying a reel from the electrical suppliers' store this weekend. Making more because they work.”

“I’m been playing with some ideas too. Oh, it’s definitely working, even the deep color of the plants are amazing, and no bugs," wrote another viewer.

“Mine did the same as in the bigger ones were closest to the antenna. Really awesome to see the results," wrote one more.

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