Mum’s warning as son suffers second-degree sunburn after a few hours on the beach

A MUM has warned other parents after her son suffered second-degree sunburn after just a few hours on the beach.

Laura Daly wants mums and dads to see the pictures of her boy with horribly burnt skin despite putting on suncream.

She said her 15-year-old son, Rian, got extremely burnt and needed hospital treatment amid the heatwave.

They had put on suncream but she thinks they didn't wait long enough before Rian went into the water.

The worried mum told parents to hold off and let the sunscreen soak into the skin properly before enjoying the sea.

The NHS suggests you put on suncream twice before you even leave the house if you plan to be out in the sun for long.

Guidance online says you should apply the protective cream 30 minutes before you plan to leave, and then once more just before you go out.

If you are planning to be splashing about in water the recommendation is to use water-resistant" sunscreen, and reapply straight after you have been in.

You should also reapply every two hours, or after towel drying, sweating or when it might have rubbed off.

It comes after another mum posted shocking pictures of her baby boy with burnt feet – after standing on hot kitchen tiles.


He was rushed to hospital to be treated and bandaged up after getting hurt on the scalding floor in the heatwave.

The mum wrote: "I thought I would share our awful experience on Sunday with our poor little boy to raise awareness.

"There was no way we would ever have thought this could be a result of our kitchen floor.

"At 22 months old he didn't have the reflexes to hop off the hot tiles. He just stood there and screamed until I could get to him and scoop him up.

"I would hate for this to happen to anyone else's baby."

The sun's rays are especially hot at the moment, with temperatures hitting 30C and above.

Parents should be careful of their children playing outside without shoes on, as once temperatures exceed 31C the pavements and roads can be as hot as 62C.

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