Mum whose shower screen was caked in soap scum gets it sparkling again thanks to £1 product

EVERYONE knows shower screens can be awkward to clean, and you usually need to get in the shower to give it a scrub. 

If you're faced with a mammoth cleaning job, one mum has shared her simple trick for removing grimy soap scum from her bathroom screen using a £1 product. 

Sharing incredible before-and-after photos to Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one parent hailed Jif, known as Cif in the UK, for getting her screen gleaming. 

The mum wrote: “I know there have been several posts on cleaning shower screens, so this is my contribution. Jif, can't say that other brands work as well.”

She revealed exactly how she cleans her bathroom, saying: “Dip your cloth in clean water and go over then grab either micro fibre, an old towel or even thick paper towels to dry and buff to a mirror finish.

“When scummy, your cloth feels hard to rub. When the scum has moved, your cloth skims over the glass.

“Same goes for when you use the Jif on other surfaces such as baths, shower floors, sinks and other surfaces.”

Dozens of mums liked her tip, as they shared their own methods for getting rid of grime. 

One person commented: “I use Domestos, soapy steel wool then rinse, vinegar and glass microfibres cloth. Works like magic.”

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Someone else recommended: “Good stuff but takes a lot of rinsing down. I use a short-handled scrubber which makes life easier.” 

While a third wrote: “I second this, I've always been using Jif and a bit of Domestos gel with a scourer from Coles.”

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