Mum transforms tired kitchen with marble surface wrap from B&Q and freebie breakfast bar – The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO has showed off her impressive kitchen transformation, with budget buys from B&Q and Screwfix.

Gemma renovated the room with marble surface wrap from B&Q and a freebie breakfast bar, all while looking after her kids, aged three and six months.

Posting on Facebook, she said: "Kitchen transformation – completed this week with the help of a 3 year old and supervision of a 6 month old/when the kids were asleep.

"Just in time to surprise Daddy when he returned home".

The finished look cost less than £80, with Gemma bagging a neighbour's old worktop for free, buying a leg from Screwfix for £14 and brackets from B&Q for £5.

She then wrapped the surfaces in marble and the cupboard doors in matte grey, so it all matched, spending £45 on the lot.

Gemma explained: "the worktop I used for the breakfast bar was free – someone down the road was doing out their kitchen so I had their old worktop".

She added: "I took off each door and handle and it made it soooo much easier!!"

Her fellow mums were seriously impressed, gushing: "Bloody hell looks like a brand new kitchen, well done you."

Another woman commented: "Looks lovley you have done a brilliant job", while a third wrote: "Well done on doing that with the kids! Superstar!"

One mum said: "Hats off to you mumma you've done an AMAZING job! – Looks fantastic. I can barely even function with my two around."

While another praised: "You have some serious skills and creativity!!! It looks amazing! You should have this a little business!"

Others said they were taking inspiration from Gemma's creativity.

One mum, who's going to try her hand at some DIY, admitted: "I got a quote for a wrap and it was over £1700 and a new kitchen would probs be triple that."

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