Mind-bending optical illusion sparks huge debate – but how many blocks do you see? | The Sun

HOW many blocks can you see in this mind-bending image?

The tricky optical illusion has sparked a huge debate on Twitter, with some users claiming they have counted more blocks than others.

The mind-boggling image portrays an arrangement of blocks, cleverly designed to challenge the human eye.

It was shared by @crazyiIIusions and amassed 43,000 likes.

 “Sometimes I see 4, sometimes 3. Depends on the angle I suppose," one person wrote.

“It's 3, this illusion looks tricky at first but you just got to look hard enough to see it," another commented.

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A third user shared, “Wild. These always get me, man. Total mind benders.”

While a fourth added, “I've been looking at this for 30 minutes now, and I still only see three blocks. Am I doing something wrong?”

So how many blocks do you see? Three or four?

An optical illusion is a puzzling and tricky form of a different figure that needs to be solved.

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Inquisitive people are often scraping their minds and carefully analysing them.

Many try to practice optical illusions on a regular basis to develop their IQ power as they have several advantages by working on them. 

Getting good at cracking these puzzles can stimulate your brain, allowing you to focus and think from a different perspective to solve challenges quickly.

Another mind-bending brain teaser determines if you are in the top 5% if you can spot the odd one out between the three dogs in just ten seconds.

The brainteaser shows a set of three black dogs in a row.

A five-second optical illusion challenge has made things even more difficult.

Hidden among the rows of 128 red peppers is an impostor and you have to locate it before time runs out.

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