King Charles' face was inspiration for homemade pie – and even Camilla was pleased with the pastry | The Sun

THE King met his royal pieness when he toured the Sandringham Flower Show with the Queen.

Charles and Camilla visited the 140-year-old event that boasts the skills of royal workers on the estate in Norfolk.

The pie was in the category “a dainty dish to set before a king”.

On seeing the pastry, a delighted Camilla said: “That looks much like my husband.”

The couple arrived at the show in the traditional carriage and spent much of their time greeting the crowds patiently waiting behind barriers.

In the tent showcasing the Sandringham Women's Institute (WI), which the late Queen supported as president, the couple were given some homemade sweet treats like slices of cake.

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Yvonne Browne, vice-president of the Sandringham WI, expressed her hope that Camilla will follow in the late Queen's footsteps and become president.

She said: "We're hoping to have a royal president, we're very hopeful – that would be a great day."

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