Katy Perry Bleaches Her Eyebrows to Complete Tinkerbell Transformation

Katy Perry has faith, trust and a heck of a lot of pixie dust! The 36-year-old has debuted a handful of fabulous fashion looks on season 19 of American Idol, but her most recent outfit (erm, costume) may just be her best yet. 

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For the Sunday, May 2, episode, which was appropriately Disney themed, Perry strutted to the stage as the living, breathing embodiment of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. 

And she didn’t just slip on a mail order costume or wear a sparkly green dress. Oh no, the “Not the End of the World” singer committed to her look. We’re talking full body glitter, a custom Tinkerbell costume, pointy ear prosthetics and — wait for it — bleached eyebrows! 

“Legola’s gf flying in hot with a pouch full of pixie dust to throw on anyone who doesn’t believe we have the best top 10 in @americnaidol history,” Perry captioned her Instagram post, which shared some behind-the-scenes footage from her makeup chair. 

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In the short clip, makeup artist Barney Burman, who specializes in special effects makeup, is hard at work creating the perfect pointy ear a la tinkerbell. The American Idol host also has bleach on her eyebrows, which effectively turned them from dark brown to barely there. 


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Fast forward a few hours, and the grand reveal (and Peter Pan puns) continue. “TINK fast — halfway through the Top 10 of #AmericanIdol. Tune into @abcnetwork if you believe in fairer as much as I believe in this group,” Perry captioned her Instagram post, showing off her complete Tinkbell transformation.

From the bleached blonde hair and fairy wings to the magic wand and lime green Louboutin pumps, the star looked straight out of a Disney movie!

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Obviously fans were quick to freak out, in awe of Perry’s commitment to the costume. One wrote, “Fairy Perry for the win,” while another chimed in: “SHE EVEN DID THE EARS.” 

The American Idol host later put fans concerns about her bleached brows to rest. On another Instagram post she wrote: “Going to go dye my brows back now.” 

Perry isn’t the only star to recently embrace blonde brows. Just five days ago, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram Stories to show her brow bleaching process, which she had done for a photo shoot. 

Even though the 40-year-old reality star believed her blonde eyebrows were “really cute” and she was “into it,” she did eventually dye them back to brown. 

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