It Looks Like Everyone Who Dates Kanye West Wears This Outfit

When it comes to dating, even celebrities have specific types and preferences. But while some so obviously gravitate toward significant others who are family-oriented, have entertainment backgrounds, or enjoy adventure, the women Kanye West dates all seem to like … leather. And long coats. And monochromatic outfits, paired with leather and long coats.

Just take a look at Julia Fox, who is currently rumored to be dating the rapper and designer. The Uncut Gems actor was recently spotted by West's side rocking a look that checks all those boxes — and, ultimately, reminds us of something West's ex wife, Kim Kardashian, might wear.

Over the years, we've definitely gotten used to seeing Kardashian in similar combinations. The reality star and SKIMS designer clearly loves a trench, a form-fitting pairs of pants, statement shoes, and the color black — and there's a ton of photo evidence to back it up. It also doesn't seem weird that, as someone who works in fashion, West might be attracted to someone with certain sense of style. This look is badass, elevated, and '00s-inspired — all things that make it fun and fashion-forward.

But could Fox's outfit choice just be a coincidence? A weird, one-off, winter style moment? Nope. After she was seen wearing the initial trench, Fox was spotted in a leather one, proving this Matrix-like outfit choice is actually her current aesthetic.

It might not be groundbreaking to wear long leather coat or prefer neutrals over neons, but West's dating history does make a case that this is, indeed, the outfit that many of his love interests wear. Back in 2021, he had a rumored fling with Irina Shayk. Guess what? She's apparently into this exact combo, too.

And, it's true: we've seen plenty of people subconsciously (or consciously) shift their style when dating someone new. Even Kim's sister, Kourtney Kardashian, has developed a more gothcore look since getting serious with Travis Barker. At the same time, Fox hasn't been hanging out with West very long (that we know of) and has remained consistent with what she likes. Speaking with InStyle in 2019, she had the same taste.

"I like a lot of leather, black leather. I like a boot with a heel," she told us.

Kanye has also remained consistent, too. The man clearly loves a good sweatshirt — it's been his signature look for years! — and, to be honest, we really can't fault him for that.

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