I’m told my work outfits are ‘inappropriate’ because I wear shirts without pants – but I don’t care | The Sun

WHEN it comes to "appropriate work attire," there seem to be countless unspoken rules for women.

One TikToker showed her followers the outfit she was shamed for after wearing to the office.

TikTok user Mari, who runs the account YaMarie_23, shared how she is shamed for her work attire.

The TikToker works in an office, where she and her co-workers often films videos.

Mari showed viewers an example of an outfit she receives hate over.

The TikTok user can be seen wearing a long white button up shirt as a dress.

She layered the shirt with a blue and white patterned sweater vest, and nude heels.

Mari wrote: "When my co-workers want to complain about my inappropriate outfit."

The influencer used a sound featuring a child cursing to accompany her defiant video.

Captioning the video "Inappropriate work outfit," Mari appeared to be unfazed as she filmed in a public hallway.

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the look.

One viewer commented: "How cute."

"I think it fits you perfectly," said another follower.

A third person wrote: "You look beautiful… I love you."

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