I’m so sick of people thinking my daughter is a boy that I’ve started calling her by a boy’s name when we're out instead

THERE are few things more annoying than people mistaking your baby girl for a boy.

And one mum has become so sick of the error that she's given her daughter a boy's nickname that she uses when they're out and about.

Taking to TikTok to reveal her daughter's name and gender, Lewwni explained: "People are very confused as to if you’re a boy or a girl, and what your actual name is.

"So let’s just clear this up. I’m the mother, better known as Lewwni. 

"This is Swae. She is a girl. Her real birth name, the name I gave her after I hatched her, was Swae Nomi."

She went on to explain that Swae's nickname is "Earl", and revealed just how the moniker came about.

"She doesn’t really keep bows or things on her head so we just didn’t put them on her," she explained.

"And when we go out people would be like, ‘He is so cute!’ And we got tired of correcting them so we just came up with the name Earl. 

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"So we’d be like,’That’s our Earl, that’s our Earl boy.’"

The video was quickly commented on by people who were also sick of others getting their baby's genders confused.

"People think my son is a girl all the time because he has a lot of curly hair. Didn’t know curls=girls," someone wrote.

"The amount of times my son gets mistaken for a girl is just tiring at this point lol no matter what he wears," another person commented.

"Everyone thinking our 2 year old is a girl because he has beautiful curly black hair. now I'm gonna have to find a nickname," a third wrote.

Another person added: "My sister looked like a boy when she was a baby and as a toddler she saw a baby picture of herself and said 'that’s a bald headed baby boy!'"

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