I’m giving my son the perfect name, trolls say I’m naming him after a cartoon & he’ll get bullied… they might be right | The Sun

A COUPLE who thought they'd found the perfect name for their newborn had to rethink their plans when they realised how bad it sounds with their last name.

It didn't occur to them that the classic baby name might not work with their surname, since they're both very common.

Posting on Facebook, the parents explained they both like name 'Jack' for their baby.

The only problem is the tot's last name would be 'Russell', meaning the poor kid would have the same name as not only a popular dog breed but a character from the cartoon Bluey.

"Please tell me this isn’t as tragic as I am thinking it might be," they wrote in the post.

Other parents agreed there's nothing wrong with the name on it's own, but paired with their surname it's a bad idea.


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"How would you feel if other kids at school call him a dog (in a derogatory way) because of his name?

"I'd feel pretty crappy knowing I opened my kid up to ridicule by giving him an obviously tease-worthy name," one Facebook user slammed.

Others agreed the name would probably result in a lot of bullying as the baby grows up.

"Please don't do this to your child, kids can be cruel in school," one said.

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Meanwhile, one user thought the name might lead to a very boisterous child.

They said: "Powers of the name are sometimes bestowed upon the bearer. Do you really want a human child that is as crazy as a jack russell? Are you up to the challenge? The sleep deprivation?"

But the parents weren't the only couple who had to change their plans because of their last name, one mum said she had a similar problem when she gave birth, but decided to pick something else in the end.

She explained: "I always loved the name Brock but when I married my husband it went out the window because he’d be Brock Lee and I’m not going to set my kid up for constant ridicule with that name."

Not everyone hated the combination though, some even thought "the addition of the last name makes it fun."

"He may get some jokes but nothing like some of these unique names will get," another agreed.

Some people suggested changing the name to something similar without the dog and cartoon connotations, like 'Jackson' or 'John'.

"There are other names you can choose, don't do this to your child it's horrible," someone commented.

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