I'm a weight loss guru – the simple moves you need to do everyday if you want a flat tum, curved bum or toned arms

GETTING a chiselled six-pack is one thing that many people will be sticking at the top of their list of New Year's resolutions this month.

And one of the most common beliefs is that to get honed figures, you need to spend hours in the gym doing extreme workouts.

However a paediatric doctor, personal trainer and weight loss coach has revealed that there are several simple moves you can do daily to get a flat tum, curved bum and toned arms.

And you can do them all from the comfort of your own home – between work breaks, while the kettle is boiling or even before going to bed! 

Dr Aishah Iqbal said: “When trying to lose weight and achieve your aesthetic goals, it's important to remember the following things.


“You can't spot reduce fat in one area but focusing on losing weight will overall help to reduce problem areas – including the tummy area!

“Nutrition is important. Overall reducing excess calorie intake as well as optimising your protein and fibre intake is key. Enjoying a treat isn't a bad thing either! It's all about having a balance.”

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Dr Aishah revealed that people should keep in mind that sometimes it's not fat that's giving you a tummy bulge. She said you might be bloated so should keep that in mind too!

But great simple moves to work the core and build a toned appearance of the tummy area include toe taps, plank and burpees. 

Toe taps

Weight loss guru Dr Aishah revealed you should lie down on an exercise mat with your knees bent and arms at your sides. Then, lift both feet off the floor and extend your legs up straight. 

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Then, raise your arms to reach and touch your toes. Your torso will lift off the ground. Lower your arms and torso back to the ground.

She said: “Not only does this simple move work the core muscles it also helps stretch out your calves, thighs and back!”


Another single move you can do every day to get a flat tum is a plank, revealed Dr Aishah.

Start in a press up position and bend your elbows to place them on the floor beneath your shoulders. Engage the core and keep your body in a straight line from feet to shoulders. 

She said: “Hold this for as long as possible. It’s a great, simple core exercise that also helps to improve posture and stability.” 


Or you can do burpees by starting in a squat position and placing your hands between your feet and jumping your legs back to put you in a push up position. 

She advised: “Do a push up and then jump back into the starting position. Then jump in the air and land back in the squat position to start again. 

“Burpees are great as a cardio move that will also help you burn calories!” 


If you want to get a perky, curved bum by doing a simple move everyday – Dr Aisha recommended choosing between squats or glute bridge exercises. 


She explained that squats are a versatile movement that work multiple areas of your body including the glute muscles. 

It’s an easy move that can be done anywhere – even while you're waiting for the kettle to boil!

Dr Aishah said: “Start with your feet at hip- and shoulder-width distance apart, with your toes slightly turned out. Send the hips back like you are going to sit down. 

“Bend the knees, keeping them in line with your toes. Press through heels to stand back up to starting position.”

Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is another great body weight move that strengthens the core as well as working on the glute muscles, revealed Dr Aishah. 

She said you must lie on your back with your knees bent and arms by your sides. Then engage your abs and glute muscles. 

Next slowly lift your pelvis off the floor and hold for a few seconds before returning to the start position and repeating. 


The arms can be a trouble area for many trying to lose weight, revealed Dr Aishah. But the weight loss expert added that patience and persistence is key!

Downward Dog to plank

She suggested the downward dog to plank movement and described it as “wonderful”.

She said: “This movement helps build upper body strength and tones the arms while also working as a stretch for the lower body. 

“A great starting point to help you develop into doing a full push up. Begin in a push up position with your hands under your shoulders and arms straight. 

“Raise your hips and push backwards to get into a downward dog position. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position.”

Crab crawl

Or try a crab crawl to help you achieve toned arms. Dr Aishah explained that the move is “less common” but it is still a great all body exercise that doesn't require additional equipment.

She said: “It puts a load on your upper body helping to tone the arms and core. It also helps with coordination and balance. 

“Start in a seated position on the floor with the soles of your feet and palms on the floor. Point fingers towards your heels. 

“Lift your hips up and start moving forward by advancing the opposite hand and foot. Each step forward will be one rep.”

Try these simple moves everyday to get a flat tum, curved bum and toned arms in the New Year. 

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