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A SEX coach has revealed what a couple's favourite sex position says about their relationship…

Most couples have a sex position they love the most – whether it's doggy, 69, or lotus.

But can the go-to also reveal something more about the relationship?

To find out, Fabulous spoke to Kaitlin Klarer — a 31-year-old sex coach from the US and creator of Watch Girls Watch Porn on PornHub's wellness channel.

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According to Kaitlin, who also revealed five ways you can improve your sex life, the go-to position is usually determined by the relationship dynamics, the anatomy, as well as your sex habits.

Although there are a lot of articles out there about different sex positions and what they mean, the guru described it as a ''bunch of bull***t'' that feels ''very made-up''.

However, there are also some generalised aspects, she pointed out, that can be true.

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Lotus & missionary

For instance, if a couple likes face-to-face, such as the lotus or missionary, that means the parties are more keen to connect with their partner.

''It's kind of like lovey-dovey, it's like in the movies where you're paying attention to your partner […] and it's very romantic.''

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Doggy – the top position in the US and the second most popular here, in the UK – is the most performed sex position for a few reasons.

Sharing her expertise, Kaitlin said that for men, the doggy is the fastest way to ''get off'', whereas for women – though they might enjoy it – this position is more often than not the quickest way to 'get it over and done with'.


In sharp contrast, if a woman prefers to be on top, Kaitlin says she: ''likes to be in control of her own pleasure''.

''That may be somebody who likes to be in more charge in the bedroom," she explains.

''But that does not necessarily reflect anything about the coupleship – because there's times where someone's in the charge in the bedroom but they're submissive in real life, or vice versa.''

69 & the cartwheel

When it comes to more experimental positions – like the 69 or the cartwheel -Kaitlin claims these couples like to experiment.


But it's not all so simple.

Kaitlin claims that anatomy plays ''an even bigger role''.

For example, if a guy has a smaller penis, not every position is going to satisfy him.

And if your partner has a bigger penis, some positions may hurt the other person so care needs to be taken.

Women with shorter vaginal canals might also prefer certain positions,


Old habits die hard – and sex is no exception.

Chatting to Fabulous, Kaitlin explained that there are many who can reach climax in only one certain position: ''This is a habit that they've built up.''

Because you associate this particular position with orgasm and great pleasure you will, of course, also believe this is the favourite of the bunch.

''It doesn't necessarily have to do anything with our partner – it has to do with our own training.''

This can be changed – however, the journey might initially be frustrating.

''It takes patience and practice.''

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Anyone who is interested in booking a free 15-minute consultation with Kaitlin can book a session online.

Kaitlin is a sex coach who works with both individual males/females and couples with sexual, relational, and intimacy problems.

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