I’m a redheaded gym hottie – low-rise shorts fuel my ‘God complex’ when I show off my muscles | The Sun

A REDHEADED gym-goer has revealed how she gets pumped for the gym — no pre-workout necessary.

She shows off her form fitting athletic wear, including low-rise shorts that show off her glute gains.

Melia (@meliaashlyn) sported a matching green sports bra while flexing her hard-earned muscles.

In the video, she showed off her jaw-dropping physique from several angles.

"Low rise fuels my god complex," she added in the caption.

The video came as part of a trend of fitness fans sharing their workout routines.

Gym girls are showing that women are strong too, by revealing their muscle tone and weight training regimens.

Some credit a rigorous weight lifting routine, while others go for lighter workouts on a regular basis.

Many go as far as to go through a bulk to gain more muscle mass, followed by a cut to reveal definition.

Melia's TikTok dazzled viewers, who shared their two cents in the comment section.

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"Hold still," one joked.

"Need to show the poses silly," Melia replied.

"So beautiful," another added.

Others inquired about keeping up with Melia's workout routine.

"Low key curious if I could hit the gym with you once," one asked. "I also enjoy the positivity you spread."

"Let’s have an ab workout competition," another proposed. "If you win I’ll send $100. Unless, you’re scared to lose."

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