I’m a mum of 7 girls & I’m FINALLY pregnant with a boy – trolls say I’ve got too many kids but I was desperate for a son

A MUM-of-seven girls has revealed she is finally pregnant with a boy – but says trolls slam her for having too many kids.

TikTok user @forevaheatha had three daughters from a previous relationship when she met her partner, who also had three daughters. 

They then had a daughter together, but wanted to try again as they were desperate to have a son.

The US-based mum said the couple are delighted that she is “finally pregnant with a little boy”, but said people have criticised her for having such a huge family.

In total, they are parents to Belle, Emmy, Hallie, Everly, Aila, Addison and Jordyn – with their eighth child on the way.

In a video, she revealed: “We love them all so much .. super excited to have a son.”

While many people congratulated the blended family, one TikTok user commented: “Why do people have so many children, do they think about costs?”

Another added: “I think I would have stopped at four.”

Heather explained her large brood in a follow-up video saying: “I didn’t want kids when I was younger.

“But I had my first baby and then my second baby, and I love giving birth, I love being pregnant.

“This is my fourth pregnancy. I adore kids. 

“If I had a billion dollars I would definitely want to adopt too.”

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