I’m a hot waitress – guys always ask me for my number, even if it’s in front of their own wives | The Sun

A WAITRESS has told how she's so hot that customers will ask for her number – in front of their own wives.

Hooters girl Leah Fennelly, 24, loves working at the iconic US restaurant chain and feels comfortable wearing the trademark skimpy uniform.

But looking so good often comes at a cost when diners try their luck at every opportunity.

The popular server, a law graduate, has hundreds of thousands of social media followers who love hearing about her wacky stories on the job in Central Florida.

She says: "We wear the Hooters uniforms.

"Every day we wear orange shorts and white tops with hair and our makeup done glamorously.

"On Fridays we wear an all black uniform.

"It does feel good walking around and looking our best, it makes you feel good when you look good.

"I have guys ask for my number all the time and ask me on dates all the time, it comes with the territory.

"I haven't had any marriage proposals yet on the job so that'll be a first when that happens.

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"I'd say almost every shift you get some kind of number or date ask."

Leah adds: "I have had men hit on me in front of their women, it's so uncomfortable, I'm a girl's girl.

"I've had it where they wait until their women leave the table to hit on me.

"One time I actually had a woman at the table tell me to 'bend over so her boyfriend could see some butt.'

" Uh… crazy. I walked away from that without saying anything, so awkward."

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