I'm a gardening pro and your lawnmower could be the reason your grass looks so brown and patchy | The Sun

THE key to a perfect summer garden lays in your lawn.

And it can be harder than you might think to achieve the perfect gassy garden that will make your neighbours green with envy.

It turns out you might be using the completely wrong lawn mower and that's the reason you lawn isn't up to scratch.

Carlos Real, lawn care expert and managing director of TotalLawn, revealed that using the wrong mower is one of the "most common mowing mistakes you probably don't know you're making."

He said: "Cutting your lawn with the wrong mower can be detrimental to its health."

You will likely either have a rotary or cylinder lawnmower, which are the most common types and cut grass very differently.

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He explained: "A rotary mower is the most common and is the best choice if you have lots of objects to navigate around, if your garden is uneven, or your grass is long.

"That’s because it has a big spinning blade underneath a chassis, which creates a hoover-like effect, sucking the grass up before chopping the tops off."

Rotary mowers are perfect for cutting thicker, longer lawns so a great option if you've left it a bit too long in between cuts.

Usually powered by mains electric but also are available with petrol engines or even rechargeable batteries.

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A cylinder mower works by cutting grass similarly to scissors, relying on many blades that rotate horizontally.

The gardening whizz said: "The quality of the cut is generally much better, as the blades spin while chopping off the top of the grass, all while creating stripes on your lawn with the roller.

"They are the ideal option if you want a low mow, which is why they are the chosen mower for professional sports pitches and bowling greens, however, they are no good on uneven lawns or long grass."

This type of mower is perfect for green fingered gardeners who are on top of their gardening tasks, regularly cutting the grass.

Carlos recommended thinking about how often you realistically mow your lawn before purchasing a new lawnmower.

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He suggested to ask yourself: "Is your lawn even? Do you have objects to navigate around?

"The answer to those questions will determine the type of lawn mower you should be using."

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