I’m a cleaning expert – the not-gross way to clean your toilet brush without making a mess | The Sun

MOST people don't even want to think about the grossness left behind on their toilet brush after cleaning the commode.

But you really should – and one clever TikToker has shared her trick for cleaning the brush without making a mess.

The mom, who posts as the Vicols Family, shared her toilet brush disinfecting method on TikTok in January.

Rather than try to wash the brush in the sink or bathtub, where it could spray gross particles everywhere, she uses the very place where it got dirty in the first place: the toilet.

But thanks to some clever angling, the brush doesn't mix with any new bacteria.

First, she lifts up the lid of the toilet and slip the brush underneath it.

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The lid is then closed over it, holding it in place, with the brush hovering over the bowl.

Boiling water from a kettle is then poured on top of the brush, with the used water and any splashes falling directly into the toilet.

Next, she fills the toilet brush holder with Pine-Sol, pouring a bit into the bottom.

Finally, the brush is returned to the holder, now hot and seeped in cleaner.

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Commenters have gone wild for the method, calling it "super helpful" and "genius."

Others have suggested using bleach instead of Pine-Sol, while some have insisted it's cleaner to buy disposable brushes.

A few have warned that pouring boiling water into the toilet might be a bad idea.

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"Pouring hot water in the toilet can crack the bowl and even ruin your pipes. DO NOT DO THIS," chided one.

"Using the hot water could crack ur toilet wouldn’t recommend doing that," said another.

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