I’m a child expert and this is why you should never use the word ‘willy’ or ‘foo-foo’ for your kids’ private parts

ANSWERING some of the many questions children have can be a little awkward.

Not everyone is ready to discuss the birds and the bees with their kids or explain what that naughty word on the telly was – as you dive for the remote.

One of those questions that many of us like to dodge is what a child should call their privates.

With the majority of the words we use to describe them highly inappropriate for youngsters, and the biological terms sounding very formal and grown-up, many people opt for a softer version.

This is why so many of us have grown up using terms like willy, flower, minnie, foo-foo, front bottom, floof or ganglies.

But one child expert advised against using these words with your kiddies.

In a hilarious skit, uploaded to TikTok, Sarah of momthoughts explained that: "Teaching the proper terms for genitalia promotes confidence, hygiene and bodily autonomy."

The comedian then went on to act out the awkwardness of actually telling your child to use the terms "vagina" and "penis".

So there you have it. Next time they ask, brace yourself and tell them the truth.

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