I'm a bra guru & you've been storing your underwear all wrong – why you should never fold one cup inside the other | The Sun

WHEN it comes to bras, there's plenty of bad habits we're all guilty of.

From not changing our bra often enough, to washing it without taking care of its form and shape, the list is endless.

But have you been storing your bra all wrong, too?

A bra guru, who posts under the acronym @okko, took to TikTok and shared an informative video where she reveals the one mistake she always sees women make when putting their bras away.

In the clip, she begins: "Are you storing your bras correctly?"

"The wrong thing to do is to actually fold them.


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"Some of you may be tempted to fold them in half and then push one side in in order to save space in your top drawer but that actually messes up the shape."

Holding up the foam pad, she continues: "These pads are moulded into this shape so if you push one side in like this and it's inverse, it'll create wrinkles and dents that you'll be able to see through your shirt."

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The bra expert then goes on to reveal the best storage solution.

"Instead, the right thing to do is to lay them flat and simply
stack them, putting the the cups on top of one another," she explains.

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The bra expert captioned the post: "It’s even more vital to follow this technique with your underwire bras, as the metal can warp over time when folded incorrectly."

The post has since garnered an impressive 67,000 views, with many taking to the comments section.

"This is exactly what I did to mine. But the nanny always stacks them wrong," wrote one.

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A second proudly pointed out: "I do it the right way."

Another asked: "What do you recommend for washing? Bra bags for the washer require folding in half. Thanks."

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