I'll never let my baby play with my iPad again after they spent £7,000 upgrading my CAR & it's non-refundable

AS much as we love playing with our little ones, there’s only so many hours we can spend playing Peekaboo a day – which is where our trusty tablets come in handy.

Not only do kids lose themselves in all the games available but they'd also happily spend all day watching YouTube clips if we let them.

That said, one mum has revealed why she'll never let her baby unsupervised on her iPad again after they spent THOUSANDS on a car upgrade without her realising.

Sharing her parenting horror story on TikTok, the US mum – who has the username StayFitStayLit – explained how she let her son play on the device while she was cooking dinner.

In a viral video which has racked up more than two MILLION views, she wrote: "When your 10-month-old purchases the full self-service driving package through the Tesla app.

"And you didn’t know until you checked your bank statements. And you find out this is non-refundable 48 hours after purchase!"

She then shared the digital receipt for her son's impulse purchase – which showed that the self-driving upgrade he'd purchased through the app cost a whopping $10,000 [£7,200].

The mum fumed: "Why isn't there a password or security measure before you could make this purchase?!"

As it was too late to make any changes, the mum ended the video with a clip of the car driving itself out of the garage.

In a separate video, she revealed that other snazzy features include Auto Lane Change, Autosteer on city streets and a Full Self-Driving Computer.

After the video went viral on TikTok, viewers questioned why her bank wouldn't check with her before processing the pricey purchase.

She claimed: "My bank would usually text me and ask, 'did you spend so-and-so at this location?'

"But the way Tesla works is that when you purchase a car, you will have an account with Tesla.

"So when you need to take your car to the service centre to get anything repaired, they will have it all on file and your account – so you have a card and bank account hooked up to your Tesla app."

When your 10-month old purchases the full self-service driving package through the Tesla app…

One viewer joked: "Boy ain't playing with his safety!!"

"That's it," another added. "No college for him!"

Meanwhile, a third joked: "He said, 'Mom we need a better car.'"

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