I was fed up with getting fruit flies in my house – my genius kitchen roll trick got rid of them instantly | The Sun

WHETHER they're buzzing around your head or lingering over the fruit bowl, there really are few things more annoying than pesky fruit flies.

But one cleaning whizz has revealed how this could soon be a problem of the past – and it's all thanks to her genius kitchen roll trick.

According to Carina Besteiros, you can kill the tiny guests with an easy hack that calls for just two items found in your kitchen.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@carinabesteiros), she reveals that you just need a banana and piece of kitchen roll to get rid of them for good.

Carina begins by placing the old fruit at the bottom of a bottle, before creating a funnel with a very small hole in the bottom using a piece of kitchen towel.

She then places it inside the bottle, ensuring there's nowhere for the flies to escape.


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Demonstrating just how effective the trick is, she reveals dozens of tiny fruit flies that become trapped inside the bottle.

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 455k views and several comments from very impressed social media users.

"Smart trick," praised one.

A second enthused: "This is smart!"

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A third penned: "Omg I have had loads this year – it’s been a nightmare."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Always does the trick!"

And another added: "THANKYOU!!!"

A further chimed in: "This is smart!! The vinegar & dish soap wasn't working for me."

And it's not the first time cleaning gurus have rushed online to show off their handy hacks.

Fabulous previously told how one cleaning guru, only known as @allbeehive, shared a 7p trick for getting rid of pesky fruit flies – noting that all you need is washing-up liquid and apple cider vinegar.

She recommended just adding a little drizzle of the washing-up liquid to a small bowl or a container, some water and then vinegar.

''I tested it with white vinegar and it didn’t work as well. I think balsamic with work or adding sugar to the vinegar,'' she added in the comments.

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