I was disgusted when I forked out for some chunky boots from ASOS and it came with two distressing extra items | The Sun

AN ONLINE shopper was left traumatised after allegedly finding two distressing items in his ASOS parcel.

Whilst browsing on the major fashion retailer's website, Tye Kirk, 19, from Collingham, Nottinghamshire, decided to treat himself to a new pair of chunky black boots.

But upon opening the delivered package, he was shocked at what he saw.

Not only were the visible signs of wear but the boots also came with two ''bonus'' items – a pair of black boxers and a used tissue.

Disgusted, the law student  decided to put on a pair of protective gloves to investigate the ''goods'' further only to find that the underwear had been worn and not cleaned.

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Speaking to Jam Press, Tye said he's emotionally scarred from the incident – one's that's left him reluctant to shop online ever again.

"I'm so angry, how could they let this happen?

"I immediately started anxiously laughing for I was disgusted that these had been sent to me like this.

"I placed on PPE, placed the items back in the box, took photos of the goods, placed the box in the garage and sanitised all areas and my hands.

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"I initially contacted their online staff via customer care and they stated I would only receive a refund for the shoes.

"I believed a mere refund was unacceptable for this sort of case and decided to reach out to their legal enquires team.


"I now feel so reluctant to purchase goods online due to the fact I have been exposed to this situation due to the lack of quality checking.

"I don't understand how the process those shoes must have gone through, that no one noticed either products in the shoes, the unsatisfactory quality of the shoes and the fact there was a pair of boxers inside."

"I was disgusted at their response.

"This would not have happened had their quality checking of goods been satisfactory.

"Especially after the pandemic, I would have expected a company like this to take their returns procedure more seriously.

"I stated they need to investigate the matter and wanted the result of the investigation, but ASOS stated this was confidential and they could not share this with me.

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"I don’t believe ASOS took this matter as seriously as I needed to be."

Jam Press has contacted ASOS for comment.

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