I was chuffed after selling iPhone for £230 on Facebook- I realised they’d given fake £50s later, don't make my mistake

THERE are two types of people in this world – first off, we have those who hang onto every single one of their old phones forever in case they ever need them (spoiler alert: you won't).

And secondly, we have the sensible people who either trade in their old devices when they're upgrading or find a way to sell them online.

Well if you find yourself in the second category, then it's worth taking note of this woman's warning… no pun intended.

Earlier this week, TikTok user Georga Mackle explained how she put her old iPhone XR up for sale for £230 on Facebook Marketplace.

Not long later, she got a message from a man asking to buy the phone and she says there was nothing about his profile that raised any alarm bells.

She said: "I asked him if it would be bank transfer or cash, I didn't mind either.

"And I didn't really bother to look through his Facebook because I didn't get any suspicious vibes."

On Friday, Georga arranged to meet the man near her home and even threw in an extra long charging cable for free.

She explained: "He had me waiting outside in the rain for a good 10 minutes.

"And as he turned up, he started asking loads of questions about it and demanded the phone upfront but I asked, 'have you got the cash?'

I didn't really bother to look through his Facebook because I didn't get any suspicious vibes

After he quickly flashed the wad of bills, Georga assumed they were all £20 notes.

"I've never really seen a £50 note so I don't really know what they look like," she added. "And once he gave me the cash and he gave me the phone, I ran back inside because it was raining."

However, alarm bells started ringing when she sat down and instantly realised that the cash "felt fake".

On closer inspection, Georga realised the man had given her £30 genuine cash and then padded out the rest with fake £50s.

In another viral video, the TikTok zoomed in on the fake notes which had this warning printed on the bottom: "THIS NOTE IS PLAY MONEY FOR VIDEO MOVIE, ITS TOY."

At first, Georga says she was "devastated" to have been scammed and couldn't believe she fell for it.

But since her video went viral, she can now see the funny side of things.

"It's so stupid," she added. "At 23 years old, I should have been more on the ball with that s***t but you live and learn!"

One of her mates replied: "I literally can't stop watching this. I'm pissing myself."

Another added: "I'M HOWLING!"

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