I sneezed when I was curling my eyelashes and now my eye is bald… I'm fuming, chuck your gadget out immediately

A MAKEUP fan has warned against sneezing whilst curling your eyelashes, after accidentally pulling out all of her lashes on one eye.

Amy, who posts under the name AmyWooahh on TikTok, shared a video in which she explained exactly what had happened – and displayed the damage.

"If you have eyelashes, LISTEN UP!" she began. "Because you’re going to want to hear this, ok.

"So I’m sitting here doing my make-up, I’m about to curl my lashes, and as I’m curling my lashes – I’m doing the scrunch thingy – I go ‘Achoo!’ and guess what happened?"

"All of my eyelashes on my eyeball detached from my eyeball and go on my curler. Check it out. There’s no more eyelashes on my eyeball. Look."

Amy then held up her eyelash curler, on which several lashes could be seen stuck on the top section.

She also held open her left eye, out of which she'd pulled the lashes, and compared it to her right eye.

"It’s supposed to look like this, and it looks like this," she said. "I have no eyelashes because of this curler. 

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"Moral of the story, don’t ever curl your eyelashes ever in your life unless you want to be eyelash-less, because that’s what happened to me."

Amy concluded her video by moaning: "I don’t like today!"

However, while some people couldn't stop laughing after watching the video, others marvelled that her reaction to the accident wasn't more dramatic.

"How is she not crying?" one person wrote, while another questioned, "Nooooooo how are you not freaking out."

Others said Amy's cautionary tale was the reason they didn't use the curlers themselves, with one person commenting: "I don’t use an eyelash curler because of this."

Another tagged her friend and added: "This is why I didn't let you curl mine at school!"

Someone else urged Amy to keep things in perspective, as they wrote: "Don’t worry, they’ll grow back."

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