I refuse to invite my sister to my wedding – she told my husband he ‘can do better than me’ because I don’t wear make-up

A BRIDE is refusing to invite her sister to her wedding, after her sibling told her husband he 'can do better' than marrying her.

The woman insisted her older sister has been a "toxic" person in her life, revealing that she cruelly tells her that her husband will leave her because she doesn't wear make-up.

Venting about her sibling in a post she shared via Reddit, the bride-to-be explained that she and her husband are legally already married but are finally getting round to hosting their wedding ceremony 10 years later.

Putting the guest list together, she decided that her older sister wouldn't make the cut and now her family are urging her to reconsider, telling her that she should be the "bigger person".

Asking others for advice, the woman explained why she doesn't want her sister to be a part of her big day.

She wrote: "I (27F) have been with my husband (J) for over 10 years. We got married 6 years ago but only did it through court and we never had a wedding.

"We always said later but timing was not on our side. Well, it finally is! We decided to have our wedding ceremony and reception later this year and invite our closes family and friends.

"We were doing our guest list and decided that my older sister would not be invited. She has been a toxic person in my life since I can remember. To name a few things; when I started dating J she used to tell him that he could do so much better than me."

The bride vented: "I've never been someone that wears a lot of make-up and J has always known this. She used to tell me that he was going to leave me because I didn't 'take care of myself'.

"I’ve suffered with an eating disorder and have done inpatient. She told J that I was 'crazy' and shouldn’t be dealing with me and should just leave me.

"When I was at said inpatient, she tried to use me to get an excuse for her job so she wouldn’t have to do something she didn’t want to. All under the pretence of 'helping' with our girls."

While she was hospitalised, the bride said her sister didn't reach out to her for the whole two months.

I've never been someone that wears a lot of make-up… she used to tell me that he was going to leave me because I didn't 'take care of myself'

"As the years have gone by J has stood up for me time and time again and doesn’t let her run over me (something I’ve had trouble with). She hates this. She mentioned one time that he shouldn’t get involved in family/sister matters," she revealed.

Instead of cutting her off, the woman explained she has tried to salvage her relationship with her sister as she wants the pair to be "close" following their "traumatic childhood.

Calling out her sister, she recalled fights they'd had on Thanksgiving and promises her sister would make to see her two children that she failed to fulfil.

The icing on the cake came when the woman and her daughters were in a car accident and her older sister did nothing.

She explained: "The girls and I got into a car accident. Car was totalled and it wasn’t pretty. Thankfully, the girls had minor injuries.

"[My older sister] never reached out. Never cared. Mom and younger sister came to help and called her in FaceTime and she gave me an attitude. It was like something clicked and I was just done.

"She’s a negative and toxic person for me, blood related or not."

It was like something clicked and I was just done. She’s a negative and a toxic person for me, blood related or not


The bride added: "Obviously, I told my family she will not be invited [to the wedding] (and they know everything) but they want me to be the bigger person because 'she’s your sister no matter what' and 'just be the bigger person again' I’ve stood my ground."

Her post racked up hundreds of comments, with people offering their take on the situation and insisting that the woman shouldn't feel like she has to invite her sister.

One person said: "'Be the bigger person' shouldn’t mean inviting the company of a toxic, negative person – even when they are family. Certainly not to an event that’s supposed to be a celebration of your marriage."

Another commented: "It's not just be the bigger person, but be the bigger person AGAIN. No more. It has to stop. You might also want to consider putting anyone who suggests you be the bigger person on a time out until they decide to stop being an AH [a**hole].'

A third wrote: "It’s your wedding and you decide who comes. She’ll probably do her best to ruin the day if she’s there."

One more agreed: "Don't invite someone to your wedding who doesn't deserve to share in your happiness. You don't have to invite anyone you don't want to, and your family needs to drop it. It's not their concern."

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