I mix three ingredients in an Amazon party bag to keep mice well away from my house, it’s so cheap and easy | The Sun

EFFORTS to rid homes of unwanted mice do not have to go down the traditional route.

According to one TikToker, there is no need for traps or toxins.

Her method was kinder and might even be considered fragrant, depending on one's nasal likes and dislikes.

Carolina Blanco's (@carolinablanco7840) idea used three ingredients that may already be lingering in your food cupboard.

Her rodent repellent was also super cheap and easy to execute.

All you needed was a container for her concoction and she suggested party bags from Amazon.

These can cost as little as $7 from the online retailer for 50 bags.

In her post, Carolina laid out her method to repel mice.

“All natural mouse repellent," she said, with the elements of her plan laid out in front of her.

"A cinnamon stick, one tablespoon of crushed red pepper, and one tablespoon of cloves," she explained.

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She positioned her repellent at strategic points in her homeCredit: TikTok/carolinablanco7840
She used party bags from Amazon to contain her mouse-repel mixCredit: TikTok/carolinablanco7840

“Seal it up in your party bag. You can find those on Amazon or at craft stores."

She was now ready and she headed to strategic areas in her house that had seen some mice invasions.

“Place it in your pantry. It’s also great to place it in places where you feel like the mice are coming in."

Pest controller Terminix said Carolina's party bag idea might just work.

They said: "Chilli oil is a common ingredient known for causing irritation when ingested or inhaled.

"As so, it is believed that these irritating effects may be enough to help deter mice if inhaled."

They quoted studies conducted at Chulalongkorn University.

"Researchers tested the effects of natural fragrances, like chilli, on mice. Their study revealed that chilli did repel the mice from returning to the lure."

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But they did add a word of caution: "Researchers admitted that this may not be practical in real-world situations.

"Conducting experiments in a controlled environment favors the results. Thus, chili oil may not be a dependable solution to help deter mice in your home."

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