I have huge boobs, everyone tells me I should be grateful but the KNEE pain is horrible

THEY come in many shapes and sizes – some women would love for big ones, and others just want to take the weight off their chest. 

If you ask the one in two Brits that have boobs chances are they will want what they don’t have.

But for one woman, she knows only too well the issues hers have caused. 

Taking to TikTok, the woman, who goes by the name of yourmomskumrag, shared a video with her 163.6K followers explaining her pain of having big boobs. 

Captioned: “Someone hold them for me” she writes subtitles on the video. 

They read: “Everyone telling me I should be grateful for my mommy m!lkers (SIC)” 


She then responds frowning and writing the subtitles: “having crippling back & knee pain as a result”. 

And people can’t believe it, when many voicing their concerns.

One wrote: “Wait, knee pain? How so?? The back I get, but the knees are a new one.”

Another wrote: “I understand the back pain but how does knee pain come into it?”

A third related to her by saying: “Yea (SIC) I wouldn’t say grateful, like the only plus side is guys like them, everything past that i’m sure is just an extreme inconvenience lmao.”

Having crippling back & knee pain as a result

Larger breasts have a tendency to pull the shoulders down and hunch the back, leading to poor posture, and ultimately, persistent pain in the neck, shoulder, and back, according to buglinoplasticsurgery.com 

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