I had Victoria Beckham's 'most painful' anti ageing facial – I was terrified as 24 needles were inserted into my face | The Sun

“A few people have screamed and some do ask us to stop the treatment part way through”.

Such is my introduction to what has been described as the “world’s most painful non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure” Morpheus8. 

It hit the headlines recently when The Sun revealed that Victoria Beckham has regular  sessions to keep her skin looking young. 

While Judy Murray also credited it for ‘taking 10 years off my appearance” when she went through it in 2020.

Morpheus8 has been hailed as game changer with results similar to a facelift but without having to actually go under the knife. 

It costs around £700 a session and involves 24 needles 4mm being inserted into your face. 


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They produce radiofrequency to stimulate collagen, thus tightening the skin.

Most people need three sessions to really see results.

I have decided to take one for the team by trying it out. At 51, a regular runner and mid menopause, I have noticed that gravity has taken hold, and my skin is starting to sag around my jawline and under my chin.

However I am now feeling decidedly scared. Having given birth to twins, surely a facial procedure can’t be that sore.

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The painful treatment feels like you're being 'stapled' all over and fills the room with the scent of burningCredit: Sinead McIntyre
Sinead before the treatmentCredit: Sinead McIntyre
Immediately after the treatment, Sinead's skin went bright red – probably something to do with the burning smell she could sniffCredit: Sinead McIntyre

Georgina my practitioner at the Pulse Light Clinic in East Cheap, London begins by applying a layer of anaesthetic numbing cream all over my face and advises me to lie flat for 20 minutes while it works its magic. 

After that time she comes in and applies another layer – a lot of numbing cream is needed it would seem.

After 45 minutes my face feels suitably numb – like being at the dentist but is your whole face that has been numbed rather than just your mouth.

Georgina cranks up a large machine and produces a small gun-like instrument with a square end. 

She tells me she is going to use the most powerful setting as that gets the best results but if it is too sore, she can turn it down. 

As I lie there in terror she applies the gun to my face. It is almost like being stapled but in good news, it doesn’t hurt that; much. 

As she carries on there is a faint smell of burning and when she gets to my forehead and nose, it is actually quite painful – resulting in a small tear from my right eye. 

But at this point I know the 30-minute treatment is very nearly over, so I manage to get through it. 

Afterwards, my face is bright, bright red and I put on some large sunglasses and keep my head firmly down as I travel home. 

But after a few hours the redness has gone down and by the next morning it is pretty much gone altogether – thankfully as I have drinks with some school mums I have never met before that evening.

One week on and I can definitely see a difference – even though I have two more sessions to go. 

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My skin feels softer and my double chin seems slightly reduced. I can’t wait to see how I will look at the end of my three sessions – maybe it will help me find my very own David Beckham!

For more info on Sinead's treatment check out: Morpheus8 at Pulse Light Clinic.

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