I grew my hair from a bob cut to my waist in a YEAR – people think it’s fake but it’s natural, here’s how I did it

GROWING your hair out can feel like it takes forever, but one girl is sharing the tips she swears by to get extra length out of your locks.

She took her hair from a bob cut to waist length in just a year and people were so convinced her longer locks were extensions as they couldn't believe the transformation.

TikTok user and hair stylist Faith Dorritt documented her hair journey on social media for others to see and explained how exactly she managed to grow her hair so much in just 12 months.

"Long luscious hair coming at ya," she teased, as she shared before and after pictures to reveal what her hair was like a bob that sat on her shoulders and at waist length after it grew.

Some were convinced that her longer hair wasn't natural, with one person convinced Faith was wearing tape extensions.

They commented: "Tape extensions 100%, still looks nice thou (sic)."

Proving them wrong, Faith hit back showing off just how natural her hair was as she pulled it apart at the root to show no extensions were glued or clipped in.

"If extensions and wigs were this seamless, I'd be a millionaire. But thank you for the compliment," she teased.

Naturally, people were desperate to know her hair secrets, with one person commenting: "Please tell us how."

Another teased: "6 months in and mines grown about 2-3cm. Can we trade?"

In a separate video, she shared the methods that worked for her, with the key being to take your hair for regular trims to ensure it stays in good condition.

Faith explained: "The aim is not snapping off ends, hair grows 1cm+ a month, too much heat and bleach could make the ends break off that full amount."


"1cm growth plus 5mm trim every three months should leave you with 2.5cm longer," she claimed.

She also vowed that reducing the amount of heat used on her hair and washing her hair no more than twice a week were key to promoting growth.

Faith revealed: "Most important! Straighteners at 150 degrees NO MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK. Oil when wet and leave to air dry."

She added that she shampoo and conditions her tresses no more than twice a week and uses the Olaplex Hair Perfector hair treatment once a month on her mane.

Other tips she swears by are: "Only use soft scrunchies and clips. Cut off anything dry or split and then regular trims after that."

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