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WHILE many of us slog away for eight hours a day in an office chair in our 9-5 jobs, it seems as though more and more people are looking for alternative ways to earn a living.

One woman, Romane Nouri, has proved that you don’t have to work 40 hours a week to pay your bills and instead can use social media and digital tools to bring in thousands of pounds every month.

Romane was fed up working a 9-5 job and not getting paid much money per month.

She was sick of being told what to do and having to work her holidays around her boss, so in 2021, she took the plunge and quit her job.

The savvy woman started selling digital products online in a side hustle and now, she makes £10,000 a month and works just four hours a day.

Romane has taken to TikTok to explain that anyone can do her side hustle and use social media to earn a passive income, you just need to have time and patience. 

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She revealed: “I was working in a 9-5, 40 hours per week and making £1,900 per month.

“My boss decided my holidays, I had to justify my sick days and was told what to do.

“Now I work for myself, 20 hours per week.

“I take 4 month holidays per year and make £10,000 per month.

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“And if you ask me, YES it is worth the risk.

“Let me teach you”.

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In another video, Romane explained that when she quit her 9-5 job, she didn’t know what she would do to earn a living.

But she started social media management and eventually got into selling digital products online.

She continued: “I started digital products in 2021. 

“When I quit my 9-5, I didn’t know what to do, so I started social media management.

“After networking, sending a lot of emails, I got a few clients, but when things really changed for me was when I started focusing on my Instagram channel and growing a bigger audience.

“Businesses were coming to me to help them grow their business on Instagram, so I opened my coaching business and started selling digital products.

“After three months, I started making my first £10,000 months and now two years on, I make £100,000 a year and work only 4 hours a day.

“It is possible for anyone to do this kind of business online, it doesn’t need to be social media, but the most important thing is that you are committed.

“It requires work, commitment and patience. 

“Never regretted this decision ever!”

If you are tempted to get involved in something like this, Romane has shared examples of digital products that you could sell.

She advised the following: “Courses, ebooks, templates, bundles, printables, presets, pdf files and tools”. 

The savvy side hustler explained how: “Everyone can start their own passive income – start a digital product (ebook, digital planner, trakcer, mini course, app, svg files, templates, bundles) for no upfront cost and sell it on social media.

“The strategy – create a TikTok account with a specific niche, find a problem people in your niche are facing, create a digital product solving this problem, post content related to this problem 2-3 times per day, sell your digital product to the audience, passive income on repeat.”

She also shared her three tips to be more successful when pursuing a side hustle.

She advised: “Stick to one thing (niche, competence) and master it better than anyone else.

“Surround yourself with people pushing you up and better than you in some fields, it will make you grow quicker.

“Understand failure is part of growth and the more you fail, the quicker you will grow and the quicker you will succeed”. 

TikTok users were very impressed with Romane’s success and were eager to know more.

One person said: “Please help me”. 

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Another added: “I love stories like this” to which Romane replied “Thank you! It is hard but it totally worth it”. 

A third commented: “Get me in this ASAP, getting tired of 9-5 jobs”.

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