I dated my co-worker – and when it went wrong what he did next shocked me

FINDING love can be surprising because you never quite know when you are going to bump into ‘the one.’ 

Whether it is at the supermarket, in the club or even in the library – any singleton should always be prepared for their moment. 

But some social media users are warning others to be wary of falling for someone you work with as it can go wrong if it doesn’t work out. 

And it is the BuzzFeed Community, who have been revealing their stories – and they are enough to make you think twice and ask yourself, ‘is he or she worth it?’ 

One person, who is anonymous, has described how her work life was made difficult after a failed romance. 

She says: “I worked in a big box retail store when I was younger and dated a coworker, and when it didn’t work out, there were definitely sides. 


“And people tried to say I hadn’t moved on because I wasn’t dating anyone new for a while after.  

“I worked at the storefront and he worked in a department, and he and his friends would ignore me when customers needed their help, so the customer would be super p****d and yelling at us because no one was coming to help them. 

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“Thankfully one of his friends got fired and he quit after a few weeks so I didn’t have to deal with it for long.

"Unless you feel like that person is the one, or you are able to get another job ASAP if it doesn’t work out, don’t do it. 

“It’s awkward AF (SIC) to have to work with someone you just ended a relationship with. 

“It's like high school, only worse, because you have to remain professional. And there will be people who choose sides."

Another person said how they would “never again” date someone they work with. 

They wrote: “My now ex and I met while working at Panera. 

It's like high school, only worse, because you have to remain professional. And there will be people who choose sides

“I was part-time and still in high school, while she was three years older than me and was full-time. 

“At first it was cute and going to work was a pleasure since we got to see each other. But three months into the relationship she cheated on me, and we broke up soon after.

"This was only to have her bring the girl she cheated on me with into the shifts that we were working together and repeatedly asking me to make her (the side chick’s) sandwiches 'with love.' 

“On top of this, our other coworkers began taking sides and would verbally attack me in front of customers and belittle me while we were working. 

“The managers did nothing despite me breaking down in the middle of my shifts often. 

“Everything became so toxic for my mental health that I quit and haven’t been able to eat at a Panera since then. So much trauma and not worth it."

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