I cleaned the dirtiest kitchen in Europe for free – it had so much rubbish piled high I couldn’t see the counters

GETTING any kitchen clean is no easy feat, but what about a kitchen that had not been cleaned in 5 years?

A Tiktok with 37.9 million views showed 'Queen of Cleaning' Aurika Tarina clean the 'dirtiest kitchen in Europe.'

Aurika, from Finland has 5.5 million followers on the app and captioned the shocking video with: "THE MOST AMAZING TRANSFORMATION EVER!!"

She began by panning on the messy room and wrote: "This is the dirtiest kitchen in Europe…."

"And I love it!!" as she cleared piles of eggshells off the stove top.


"Cleaning this home would have cost $15 000 dollars" or €13000 she explained in the comments.

"But I cleaned it for free," she wrote as she scraped thick layers of black grease off baking trays.

"Scrub daddy sponsered me flight and hotels," Aurika explained as she tackled the oven and filthy floor.

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"So I could go and help this girl," she said when she power hosed the linoleum floor and used a paper towel to absorb the muddy dirt.

"The best home cleaning ever." she wrote over the final reveal of the newly spotless kitchen, which was almost unrecognisable.

The comments sang her praises, saying: "That is not home cleaning. What you did is that you performed a miracle."

"Not all heroes wear capes," wrote one, while another agreed, saying: "You’re a saint."

"Ur an angel," another said, while one explained: "You are equal parts and Angel and the bravest person ever!"

Many told Aurika not to clean for free as they said: "Girl, don’t do this for free," and "If you are good at something dont do it for free."

While others wondered: "How does it even get to this point!???????"

Fellow viewers explained that: "People stop saying don’t do it for free she does this for people who is / has suffering/ suffered. It helps them get a new start!!"

They explained that Aurika: "Does it for low income people, such an inspiring person."

"My mouth dropped open in astonishment at the end of that video. I am impressed with your skills." Admitted a viewer who was clearly in awe of her cleaning power.

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