I breastfed my son for 7 months & he’s huge…he wears three-year-old's tops & many say he should play American football | The Sun

A MOTHER has revealed that she breastfed her son for seven months and he is now massive.

Issareth Perez calls her son a “chubby baby” and explained that he weighs a whopping 31 lbs.

Not only this, but as a result of him being very large, he is just seven-months-old, but wears clothes for three-year-olds.

As well as this, people are saying that her son is so big that he looks like he should be an American football player. 

Issareth took to TikTok to show off her son, as she posted the clip with the caption ‘Stitch what your breastfed baby looks like.’

She said: “This is what seven months of breastfeeding did for my baby.

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“He’s about 31lbs, wears size 3T.”

Issareth shared a variety of pictures and videos of her young son, to show off how large he actually is.

Issareth’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 3.1million views.

It has 393.6k likes, 3,491 comments and 28.8k shares.

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TikTok users were left stunned at the size of Issareth’s son, which many expressed in the comments. 

While some joked that he should play American football, others compared him to a "grown man."

One person said: “What NFL team he play for.”

Another added: “The fact you carrying that grown man around 😳😂… he is so adorable 😊” to which Issareth replied “Girl I can’t, my arms are sore everyday, my back lol.” 

A third commented: “Nawwwwww he need to be paying rent 😂”

Someone else joked: “Where he work at??”

Meanwhile, another user noted: “I now have back problems 😂” to which Issareth confirmed “I really do, no one wants to carry him because he’s so heavy lol 🥺😂” 

Whilst someone else claimed: “Nah. I’m at almost two years and my baby is about 20lbs still 😂. That’s genetics lol.”

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Issareth responded “Maybe, girl because my first born was not like that. I’m short lol 4’11 and average weight. 

“My husband family they are all big and tall so maybe lol.”

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