I avoided sex until 18 so I wouldn't be called ‘s*ut’ – but I got pregnant the FIRST TIME, the morning after pill failed

A YOUNG mum has revealed the unusual circumstances around how she fell pregnant – and it happened the very first time she ever had sex.

To avoid being called a 's*ut', teen mum Charity Grace, now 22, avoided sex until the age of 18, but claims the morning after pill failed.

In a video on TikTok, Charity explained: "Waiting till 18 to lose my 'V card' because I didn't want to be called a s*ut. Get's pregnant the first time."

In the comments, Charity explained that while she wasn't taking birth control, she did take emergency contraception within a couple of hours.

But she claims that "Plan B" – which is another name for the morning after pill -failed which led to her pregnancy.


According to the NHS, you can still fall pregnant after unprotected sex even if taking the morning after pill within 72 hours – which is the recommended time frame.

In fact, it's estimated that up to 2.6% of women who take it will still fall pregnant and its effectiveness may be reduced for women with a higher body mass index (BMI). 

Charity explained this is another video and said: "Even if you take within an hour window, Plan B is not always effective in preventing pregnancy.

"You can still get pregnant and not find out until the morning sickness hits because you assumed you weren't"

The 22-year-old mum says this is exactly how she found out about her surprise baby before sharing a photo of her bump – and her son is almost three.

People shared in the comments that the same thing happened to them, with many admitting they didn't think it was possible.

Charity revealed that she lost her virginity to her boyfriend after two months of dating.

The couple got married when Charity was seven months pregnant and have since had another baby together.

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