Goat weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 20 – 26

December 20, 2020 – December 26, 2020

GOATS have high enthusiasm this week, and they will be invited to attend fun outings with their closest pals. 

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The start of the week will bring a bit of anxiety and pressure but they will have a chance to grow through their struggles. Goats are advised to put their fears aside and to face their problems head on as that will be the only way to get through them. Avoiding uncomfortable situations will not make them go away, but instead create more turmoil.

Midweek, people will seek out their company and good vibes. They should attend any holiday event or work party to spread some cheer along the way. Everyone appreciates the Goat's fun spirit and now is a great time to let loose before the year ends. 

Saturday and Sunday are great days to hang out with close friends and prepare for the holidays. Buy some ingredients and make a delicious pie or bake cookies with your group. It may be fun to ask them to each bring a classic holiday dish and have dinner to celebrate the season.


There is potential for a romantic encounter on Friday evening. Goats, say yes to any date that is offered to you this week. It will be a great distraction for you and it will be nice to meet someone new. 

Coupled goats will have a great weekend with their significant other as there is a lot of passion and lust energy surrounding them. Stay home and do cozy winter activities together. It will bring joy and tranquility to the union.


Someone at work will ask you to draft proposals for new business deals for the coming year. Make sure you negotiate the best ones, as many could rely on you for the success of the team. You are completely trusted and guided to make the best choices and start the new year on a high note. 

A few supervisors will notice your hard work and may offer you a promotion when 2021 rolls around. Stay positive and keep shining bright.

Chinese zodiac signs in order

  • 🐀 Rat
  • 🐂 Ox
  • 🐅 Tiger
  • 🐇 Rabbit
  • 🐲 Dragon
  • 🐍 Snake
  • 🐎 Horse
  • 🐐 Goat
  • 🐒 Monkey
  • 🐓 Rooster
  • 🐕 Dog
  • 🐖 Pig

Types of Goats

Metal Goat: Sensitive, creative, loyal and talented.

Earth Goat: Patient, thoughtful, practical, hard-working, and stable. 

Wood Goat: Strong, optimistic, altruistic, expansive, and socially conscious. 

Fire Goat: Dynamic, persistent, enthusiastic, creative, and impulsive.

Water Goat: Intelligent, flexible, soft, powerful, and overwhelming.

Spotlight Numerology

Aquarius Earth Goat 1979: The Aquarius Earth Goat has a life path number 9.

These Earth Goats with the life path number 9 are insightful and generous. 

They are incredibly aware and have strength to overcome anything that comes their way. 

Not only are they full of love, they are great humanitarians and are never selfish.

Weekly Mantra

“Self-love is the path to well-being.”

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