Four times engaged woman rates her various rings as ‘gaudy’ and ‘too dainty’ – but is viciously trolled for being greedy

A WOMAN has been slammed for rating the FOUR engagement rings she has been given from previous failed relationships. 

In a TikTok video, she showed off the numerous sparklers she has been given, and scored them out of 10 with her opinion of them.

Her first proposal didn’t come with a ring so she gave it zero, and explained she was “young, dumb, and broke” and said yes without a diamond.

The second proposal didn’t fare much better even though there was a ring, as she rated it one out of 10, and said she thinks it is “ugly like his heart and soul.” Ouch.

The third ring was slammed as “gaudy af”, and the woman gave it three out of 10.

Thankfully her fourth engagement ring was appreciated more than the rest, as it got eight out of 10 – but she still wasn’t fully happy.

She said: “A little too dainty but my favourite.”

Pictures from the woman’s TikTok video were posted on a ring shaming site on Facebook, and many people were incredulous.

One said: “And I can’t even get one proposal dammit.”

Another added: “How many s*** engagement rings before you work out you might be common denominator?”

And a third wrote: “How many engagements do you need though?!”

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