Fashion Nova’s dodgy Photoshop fail on a swimwear model’s bum is mocked by shoppers

A CLOTHING retailer has been mocked for what appears to be an epic Photoshop fail on one of their models.

Fashion Nova came under fire after shoppers said they had airbrushed a swimsuit-wearing woman – and they claim her bum looks very unnatural.

The fashion site posted a photo of the racy thong Boracay Island Swimsuit on their Instagram page.

While the model looks stunning in the shots, in one angle shoppers claim her bum doesn’t look quite right.

Customers were quick to accuse them of Photoshopping her behind to create a bizarre finished look.

One said: “So no one else noticing the photoshopped booty mistake.”

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One person added: “I would like it but her butt looks disfigured… kind of threw me off from the swimsuit”, and another Instagram user said: “Editing mistake?”

Many people said that blunder hadn’t put them off, and they still wanted to buy the swimsuit.

One wrote: “Adding this to my bag rn”, and another person agreed, saying: “Amazing as always.”

Fashion Nova has been contacted by Fabulous Digital for comment.

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