Etiquette expert says owning one of these 16 items, from a smart TV to a barbecue, makes you posh… so how many do YOU have?

ACCORDING to an etiquette expert, you can learn a lot about a person from their household items.

For example, owning a Dyson vacuum or a smart TV are sure signs that you're middle class – apparently.

According to William Hanson, the expensive items – as well as a barbecue – are the three giveaway signs that you're posh.

Indy 100 report that 42 per cent of middle class households own a smart TV, while 38 per cent are proud owners of a Dyson.

Some 31 per cent of middle class homes have a BBQ, too.

But let's face it, the ultimate middle class item is the hot tub – with four per cent of fancy homes owning one.

Here are the 16 top household items found in middle class homes – so you can find out if you're posh, or not.

1. Smart TV

2. Dyson

3. BBQ

4. Vinyl records

5. iMac

6. Nutribullet

7. Antler or Samsonite luggage

8. Wood burner

9. Spiralizer

10. Mulberry bag

11. Matching coasters

12. Boiling water taps

13. Hot tub

14. Aga cooker

15. Smeg fridge

16. Brompton bike

How many do you own?

0 – Not middle class

Dyson hoover? Not necessary – and what's a smart TV anyway?

You make do with a knife for chopping veg and didn't even know boiling water taps exist.

1-4 – A little middle class

OK, you've probably got a barbecue, some matching coasters and a few Vinyl records in the loft.

5-12 – "Very middle class"

You're certainly in middle class territory now.

Not only do you have the latest Dyson, Nutribullet and Mulberry bag, you didn't know other brands of laptop even exist.

You're not quite hot tub in the garden, but who knows what the future holds.

13-16 – "Extremely middle class"

Anything over 13 and you could be royalty.

You might even be in the four per cent with a hot tub – and a swimming pool to match.

You've probably got an entire collection of Mulberrys and a huge designer wardrobe for that matter.

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