Enjoy Bridgerton-style sex sessions with role play and desk romps

HOLD on to your corsets! We can’t get enough of raunchy Regency drama Bridgerton.

The Sun told this weekend how the show’s sexy Duke of Hastings’ average romp lasted just 37 seconds in screen.

But that isn’t dampening the libido of the 63million households who have watched the naughty Netflix series.

Searches for corsets have risen 32 per cent since the series launched on December 25 as couples sex up their relationship Bridgerton-style.

Here, sexpert KATE TAYLOR tells how else the show can bring on some bodice-ripping bonks.


TAKE inspiration from the period drama to set the scene in your bedroom.

Swap harsh overhead lighting for old- fashioned candles that cast a warm glow on skin — and hide any extra lockdown pounds. Hang a vintage mirror so you can watch the action.

Cover that practical duvet with a sensuous, silky quilt in purple — Dulux ­discovered it’s the colour most likely to inspire passion.

And finally, add a stuffed bolster pillow. These cylindrical pillows can be slipped under your hips, tummy or neck at night to make sexual positions more stimulating.


BRIDGERTON is full of role play. Simon and Daphne at first pretend to be in love, Mrs Whistledown hides her true identity and Madame Delacroix disguises her London accent with a French lilt.

Why is pretence a recurring theme? Because it’s sexy. Introduce role play by adopting a raunchy alter ego to seduce your partner. This instantly brings an element of surprise and novelty into the bedroom.

Ask your partner if they want to take on a new identity. Perhaps the lusty Duke or sexy opera singer Siena.

Once you’re past the inevitable, nervous start you will both be thrilled.


THE way Simon, the Duke of Hastings, licked his spoon in Gunter’s Tea Shop certainly got my cappuccino in a froth.

Relive that moment by enjoying regular coffee dates with your suitor. There is a positive effect of tea and coffee on sexual performance.

A study by the University of Texas found men who drank two cups every day were 42 per cent less likely to suffer from ­erectile dysfunction than those who did not.

Separate research discovered caffeine stimulates the part of the female brain that signals sexual arousal.


RECREATE Simon and Daphne’s art-gallery scene by adding a hand massage into your foreplay.

Start by soothing your partner’s hands with coconut oil. Then work in a circular motion over their palms, focusing on the fleshy heel of their hand and the base of their thumb, which are loaded with nerve endings.

Squeeze the base of each finger and gently pull upwards, increasing blood flow to their highly sensitive fingertips.

Then place your thumb and index finger on either side of their wrist, at the top where it joins their palm, and squeeze for 20 seconds.

This reflexology point, related to the genitals, can increase libido.


COPY Daphne’s lead and pull on an elegant, low-cut white nightgown. Or for Bridgerton-worthy boobs, get a balconette bustier.

This style displays more flesh than a standard bra, and hoists your cleavage.
Go commando.

Knickers were not introduced until after the Regency era, so if going without was good enough for Daphne and Co it’s good enough us.

But if you are not ­feeling brave, opt for silky French knickers.


YOU might not have a sprawling country estate like Clyvedon to romp in, but you can find just as much passion in your own home.

The Duke taught us that lust can strike in any location, whether it’s up a shelf ladder or in the garden.

So this week, ban sex in bed. Look for safe locations, free of ­prying eyes, that force you to try different positions.

Lie on the stairs, a couple of steps higher than your partner, as they perform down there, or bend over the desk when they are on a dull Zoom call.

Recreate the season finale by snogging in the garden when it rains — the cold heightens skin sensitivity.


WAS there anything raunchier than when Simon told Daphne to “touch yourself anywhere on your body that gives you pleasure”?

Yes, there was: when he asked her on their wedding night to do it in front of him.

Showing your partner how you like to touch yourself is super-sexy and a chance to teach them your favourite moves.

Use it as foreplay, banning them from joining in until you give them permission. Or let them “accidentally” catch you in the act.


SPEEDY Simon lasts just 37 seconds. If your own Duke is quick off the, er, ­marquis, here are some tips to prolong the fun.

If you ejaculate within one to two minutes, your brain might have low levels of serotonin due to stress, depression, or health issues like high blood pressure.

Priligy is a non-prescription anti-depressant that raises your brain’s serotonin to delay orgasm. (From £28, Superdrug.)

A cream containing a mild anaesthetic, such as EMLA (£4.99, Lloyds Pharmacy), can help to decrease a man’s sensitivity. But wash it off just before sex with your partner.

Or try wearing a condom, moving to a less stimulating position, or temporarily switch back to foreplay.

We’ve all been seduced by Regency rompathon

By Katie Glass

HAVING spent weeks stuck on our sofas, we ­desperately needed something to boost our libidos. Luckily Bridgerton hit the right spot (ooh-er!).

The bodice-ripping rompathon, complete with a six-pack-sporting Duke, has also served as a reminder of why the Regency era was the sexiest ever.

The sex appeal of Bridgerton was inevitable. It follows the plot of every erotic “Black Lace” book, in which chaste women are ravished by troubled rakes. In this case it helps that the star attraction is brown-eyed, broad-shouldered Rege-Jean Page – the best-looking person on telly since Idris Elba played The Wire’s Stringer Bell.

A conflicted hero with a tragic backstory, he proves no woman can resist “a project”, especially one with a title in a red velvet jacket.

The lush Regency setting only adds to the thrill. Everything about the era is suggestive. The interior design is all lasciviously plump cushions and silky chaise lounges.

The clothes are deliberately titillating, with boys stomping around in thigh-hugging breaches and dashing cravats.

I never knew I found sideburns such a turn on until I saw Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) sporting them.

Meanwhile, the girls titter about in petticoats and tight corsets strained across heaving breasts.

No wonder three minutes into the show Anthony Bridgerton is already getting it on with an opera singer against a tree.

Indeed Bridgerton’s characters are so randy they cop off anywhere – in fields, up ladders, on staircases. What’s really exciting, however, is how taboo all this sex is – a quality especially seductive right now because it reflects our own predicament.

Watching a time when all courtship was socially distanced – with flirtations limited to longing glance – gives us hope as we dance around each other on Tinder unable to actually meet up.

Perhaps Bridgerton is a thrilling reminder of what we’re missing but also a promise that things can still be exciting even when we look, but cannot touch

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