Creative woman makes autumn decoration by spray painting pumpkin pink – but not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea – The Sun

HALLOWEEN is just a few weeks away and people are already looking for creative ways to add a spook-tacular touch to their homes.

One woman came up with a creative way to get into the spooky spirit, by making some homemade decorations using pumpkins, paint and flowers.

The craft fan showed off a metallic pink pumpkin loaded with flowers on social media, and people are loving her idea.

Writing on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made me Do It, florist Monet Martin wrote: "I have seen a few autumnal posts and thought some of you may appreciate my spray painted floral pumpkin.

"I’m a florist they are real flowers – the spray paint is from The Range, it’s also important to buy a spray sealant so the spray paint doesn’t flake off!"

Monet, who runs the floristry Instagram page @MonetFloristry, shared a video of herself completing the impressive craft project.

She began by cutting the top of the pumpkin off and removing its seeds and any extra gunk from inside.

Next, she spritzed the pumpkin with a layer of metallic pink spray paint, adding gold paint to the pumpkin stalk with a smaller brush.

She then added a foam brick and started adding in fresh pink and white flowers and pretty green foliage.

She opted for roses, astible, ivy, looks like statice, dahlia and chrysanthemums.

Not content with just one decorated pumpkin,  Monet also made a black version of the Halloween decoration.

Monet's clever crafting idea has been a big hit onlineCredit: @monetsfloristry
Most people carve pumpkins into faces – painting them is a fresh new ideaCredit: @monetsfloristry

Many people have showered her post with praise, flocking to tell Money they'll 'try it too' and calling the idea 'brilliant'.

However, others voiced their skepticism.

One woman asked, "Does it not stink after a few days though?" to which Monet replied, "No."

For more spooky crafts, people are turning old jumpers and socks into pumpkins for Halloween and even Stacey Solomon has jumped on the trend.

And as we told you previously, you can now buy Halloween versions of Mrs Hinch’s favourite Scrub Daddy and cleaning fans can’t get enough.

Elsewhere, a savvy mum makes Halloween baskets for her kids so they can still celebrate the spooky holiday & they only cost £12.

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