Couple transform their drab bedroom using paint from Wilko on their drawers, mirror and wardrobe

A COUPLE has taken on the ultimate lockdown project and completely transformed their drab bedroom by painting their drawers, wardrobe and even their mirror.

The pine furniture had an oak stained finish but is now a stylish and modern shade of grey – thanks to a paint they'd picked up from Wilkos.

Feeling proud of their accomplishments, the woman took to Facebook to show off the incredible transformation photos.

She revealed that the paint used for the furniture was in a shade called Mineral Stone while they spruced up the wall mounted mirror using a stunning rose gold.

In the post on the DIY On A Budget Facebook page, the DIY enthusiast said: "Our lockdown project all done by me and my other half. Already started stripping wallpaper and remembered to take a picture."

And after receiving an overwhelming response about her stunning new look, she added: "WOW thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I didn't expect this response."

Inspired by the new look, one person wrote: "Wow these look great.  I have been thinking whether to do mine but was put off by the prep of sanding etc and seeing and reading about yours it’s inspired me."

While another said: "All looks so good!! Well done you! "

She also shared video of teh entire room which showed the TV which is now also rose gold in colour.

But the DIY fan admitted that she'd used washi tape she'd ordered off Amazon, rather than painting it,which matches the painted mirror perfectly.

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